What Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube Channels Am I Following?

Last updated: 2024-02-13

There are a ton of people doing facinating work and writing about it. Here is a big list of the personal blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels I’ve appreciated reading and listening to the most (in no particular order).

Since there’s a lot of them, I’ve broken it into several sections:

This list is also available as an OPML. If you want to get these blogs and podcasts in your RSS feed, you can download and import it into your reader.


There are some great tech blogs out there. Here are some of the best:

I also want to mention a couple organizations posting interesting things:

I am also listening to some great tech podcasts:

General Interest

First, there’s longform interview podcasts. These are great because they bring on fascinating guests in tons of different disciplines. Beware though, the guests ranges from mainstream to total crackpot.

Then, there’s everything else. Most of these are YouTube channels that cover random topics that I found interesting and didn’t fit into any of the other categories here. Here again, the quality ranges from fairly surface level to insanely detailed and interesting.

Health & Food

On health & wellness, there’s some great podcasts out there:

And for food and cooking, blogs and recipe videos are a dime a dozen. But these are some really standout channels on cooking and food:

Art & Culture