Nick Iaquinto


I’m Nick. This website is my homepage for sharing recipes, camping resources, and other thoughts. You probably landed here because I am sharing a recipe with you.

A bit on me: I work remotely as a software developer, programming mainly in Python, Go, C, and Lua. I work broadly across backend systems and devops, including small-scale web API servers, scheduled job processing systems, and event processing systems.

For fun, I enjoy cooking, board games, camping & hiking, studying the Bible, and listening to audiobooks. I also write a bunch of software for personal use.

I speak English and German (C1-level). And, I’m learning Polish.

To contact me, click here.


I like to blog on non-technical topics, like cooking, nutrition & health, theology, and board games. Below are my latest posts!


I eat a plant-based diet. And, I am always on the lookout for great recipes and restaurants without animal products. Here’s some of my favorites: