Black Bean Soup

This is a simple, spicy, and thick black bean soup that is great on it’s own. Or you can cook it a bit thicker. It doubles as a delicious dip for chips or for burritos.



In a medium-large sauce pan or crock pot, bring a teaspoon of oil up to medium heat and toast the spices briefly. Then, add the cans of black beans, jalapeno pickling liquid, and Dijon mustard. Simmer for 20-40 minutes, stirring regularly. It likes to stick!

Stop when the mixture reaches the consistency you want: from a thinner soup to a semi-firm dip to a fully firm paste. When making a paste, you’ll have to stir event more frequently as the mixture firms.

I like to leave the beans unmashed. Mashing some beans as you go helps to thicken. Or, you can blend the whole thing at the end for a fully smooth texture.

It makes 6 servings.