Broccoli Soup

This light soup is a refreshing treat for a Fall day. It’s smooth and thick and creamy. And, it goes great with crispy croutons.



To prep, dice the onion and carrot. And mince the garlic.

Also, cut your broccoli into large florets. You can include most of the stem as well, since we’ll be pureeing this later.

Once everything is prepped, start by sauteing the onion and carrot in oil on medium heat in a large pot. After these are translucent, add the minced garlic and cook for 30 seconds.

Next, add the vegetable stock and broccoli. Let this simmer until the broccoli is tender. Then turn off the heat.

Transfer the mixture to a blender to a blender and puree. The mixture is very hot though! So be careful not overfill and burn yourself with molten soup flying everywhere.

Do it in batches if necessary. Don’t be a hero!

Once puree’d, pour the mixture back into the large pot, reduced to low heat. Stir in the oat milk. Add nutmeg, salt, and pepper to taste. Then, let simmer for a few minutes to come together before serving!